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November 1, 2010

IU Networking Night: Event Planning, Tourism, and Hospitality

Each semester, the IU Alumni Association (IUAA), in partnership with the Student Alumni Association (SAA), organizes a series of Networking Nights. An opportunity for students to interact with professionals across specific industries, Networking Nights feature a panel of relevant guest speakers who discuss their unique career paths and share advice for students entering the world of work.

On October 19, I attended the Event Planning, Tourism, and Hospitality Networking Night. I should mention that aside from Public Relations, I have a passion and interest in wedding/event planning.

The panel featured representatives from The Omni Severin Hotel (in Indianapolis), The Indiana Memorial Union Hotel and Conference Center, Eagle Point Golf Resort (in Bloomington), the Monroe County/Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau, and elsewhere. As with any panel, each participant detailed their duties, outlined challenges, and offered advice to student attendees.

I had an opportunity to speak with Brandi Host, Rooms Division Manager of the Indiana Memorial Union Hotel and Conference Center, whose advice during the panel resonated with me the most. She spoke of the passion she tries to instill and generate in her guests, adding that each day her goal is to inspire the same love she has for Bloomington and IU in each person she interacts with. When asked what she attributes to success in all things communications, she said a communications professional must possess true flexibility and practice problem solving every moment of every day. Additionally, she offered advice like “use common sense”, “we’re not in the business of rocket science” and “be present”.

While the advice seems basic, I can’t help but appreciate the sentiment. In the face of graduation and the beginning of my career, I hope to embark on my journey with a firm set of values and principles in my back pocket.

I’ll be attending two upcoming IU Networking Nights: Media/Entertainment and Writing, Editing and Publishing. I advise any classmate or colleague of mine to take advantage of networking opportunities like the ones hosted by the IUAA/SAA.