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November 1, 2010

Looking the part: half the battle.

For the sake of revealing a little more of my personality, I wanted to do some secondary research on a different aspect of my career: what to wear!

I can so vividly remember witnessing a debate between my older sister (five years my senior) and my parents, just as she graduated from college. A definite free spirit that cannot and will not be tamed, my sister objected to parental suggestions to streamline her career wardrobe. “I will never shop at Petite Sophisticate!,” she always said.

While my graduate career has certainly extended my opportunities to sport jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops, I welcome the wardrobe change in my immediate future.

Marie Claire recently suggested “What To Wear for: The Corporate Career“. Among some of the suggestions are broader tips to introduce  a palette of black, metallics and shades of blue in a work wardrobe.

Glamour Magazine also offered their own suggestions for new graduates looking to mature their wardrobes in “Your Style Problems, Solved: A Great Work Wardrobe for Less”.

Dress: Mod Cloth

Necklace: Juko at Supplements NY

It’s my own personal philosophy that I always, without fail, feel better when I’m wearing something yellow. After all, you’re only as good as you feel, right?

What do you think: Are other young professionals concerned with how to appropriately express their personal style in the workplace?