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November 17, 2010

Get in the Know with an Informational Interview

I’ll be tragically honest— until about two weeks ago, I never even knew informational interviews existed. Rather, I didn’t know informal, interactive meetings with professionals was considered an informational interview, nor did I realize the importance they play in the good old networking game.

My previously mentioned, much-adored personal cheerleader and academic advisor, Bob Dittmer, a few mere weeks ago, put me into contact with three young professionals he thought could offer me information and pep in this, my time of need. I had the pleasure of meeting with one of these individuals today, and the conversation we had was invaluable to me.

McKenze Rogers, a recently APR-accredited public relations/marketing professional, was willing and eager to meet with me upon my initial contact regarding an informational interview. As a recent graduate herself, she was certainly sympathetic and supportive of my meeting with her for professional and personal advice. We covered the gamut, from personal hobbies, to career goals and aspirations, and a little fashion talk (her coat was cute— it had to be said!). I respected her insight so much, as our personalities were strikingly similar. In fact, who knew someone else in this world appreciates calendars…for fun!

She suggested some very specific recommendations, including organizations to research and approach, organizations to volunteer with and network within, and individuals to reach out to. Then, and maybe most valuable to me, we had a rather candid discussion on the transitions ahead of me. And although I already knew it to be true, it was nice reminder for an objective party to tell me it’s okay to be okay— things always work out, and I’ll always be okay.

It was a wonderful experience, and I really enjoyed the opportunity. I see so many of my own traits in McKenze, and I admire her so much for traits I hope to continue to develop.