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February 15, 2011

Oreos: Looking to be Liked

Exactly how well liked are Oreos? We’ll soon find out. The organization is on a mission to secure the most ‘likes’ on Facebook, in hopes of securing a Guinness World Record title.

The brand started pursuing this goal at 9 a.m. ET today and hopes to establish a new record since no current one exists. Guinness World Records people, however, set the bar at 45,000 likes within a 24-hour period. This morning, the Kraft-owned brand started the ball rolling with a post asking the brand’s 16.6 million fans to set the “likes” record. An hour or so later, Oreo seemed well on its way with more than 30,000 likes. (“Oreo Tries to Set Guinness Record for Facebook Likes“, Mashable, Todd Wasserman)

Oreo hopes to utilize publicity generated by the Guinness efforts to increase global brand awareness. It is already one of the five most engaged brands in social media, according to a recent study.

Could failing to reach the record be harmful to the brand image? Could the black and white cookie we all know and love be less lovable than we think? Time will tell.