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November 4, 2010

Breaking News: Men Really Do Have Hearts

Low blow, but I’m actually being serious. A new body of research addressed men’s attraction to cause-oriented marketing.

The PR Week/Barkley Cause Survey found that “88% of men say it’s important for a brand to support a cause, 61% have purchased a brand because it supported a cause, 67% would try a brand because it supported a cause, and 55% would pay more for a brand that supported a cause.”

The study addresses which category of causes are most commonly supported by men and women, suggesting that women are more likely to support health-related causes, versus men who support children/education-related causes.

Photo Credit: Shiraz Chakera, Flickr

The article also claimed that “while men overwhelmingly direct their dollars toward cause, 68% of corporate marketing executives say they have no plans to target men with their cause efforts.”

What do you think: What causes are you most likely to support?


Source: New Study Reveals: Men Really Do Have a Heart, PR Newswire