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November 10, 2010

Dance Like No One’s Watching, Blog If No One’s Reading

We are all guilty of it: busting a bit of a move assuming no one can see us. My latest example of this? Two nights ago, I was out of milk and ran to the grocery store at 9 PM (it was a cereal emergency…I was out of milk!). Upon my arrival, almost like in the movies, Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” began playing. I felt the spirit of dance and decided to dance my way to the milk. The man who watched me do so was thoroughly entertained, despite my not knowing he existed until I heard laughter. What can I say, I’m a natural performer.

Moral of the story? Sometimes our best work is done when we think no one is watching, or listening, or even knows we exist.

This includes blogging. In “Ten Reasons to Blog- Even if Nobody Reads It”, several definitive reasons why professionals and organizations should be blogging even with low or virtually zero readership are offered. These include:

Marketing differentiation – Finding a way to stand-out may be the most difficult chore a business faces. Do your competitors have a blog? If not, this might be an opportunity to establish the voice of authority in your industry and enhance your brand image with customers.

Infinite search life — A few weeks ago I received a call from a potential new customer in the Middle East looking to me as a possible marketing consultant.I had to wonder how in the world they found me! Turns out they were looking for somebody who could help explain where the future of social media was going and when they entered this into Google, a blog post I wrote a year ago popped up!  Your content keeps working for you month after month!

Crisis management — A blog is an essential channel to explain the facts amid chaos. In less than an hour after the earthquake hit Haiti, The Red Cross blog had news of their activities and information on how to donate.  Company responses through blogs are often quoted by mainstream news sources.

In an instant-satisfaction age, PR professionals must remember benefits may be longterm. The internet is forever and we can never be sure just who sees our efforts. So, put on your favorite guilty pleasure dance song and blog like no one’s watching.

What do you think (let’s ask a fun question tonight): What’s your favorite song to dance to? Ha!

Source: Ten Reasons to Blog- Even if Nobody Reads It

October 29, 2010

Crisis management and social media

Call me old fashioned (okay, don’t), but I was VERY reluctant to get involved with social media at first. I might have been one of many to suggest that Facebook can ruin lives. Albeit it your token, nosey nuisance of an aunt, persistently annoying status updates, or the 87th picture post by your most social friend, Facebook and social media like it have tremendous potential to be more bad than good.

But, there’s certainly no denying the power social media can play in the handling of public relations issues and challenges. In a recent article entitled “Why Crisis Management and Social Media Must Co-Exist“, Rob Birgfeld identifies suggestions on how to utilize social media during a corporate crisis.

Without rewriting his entire article, I’ll mention just one point he made that stuck out to me. While companies all too often monitor the return of investment, Birgfeld suggests they too measure the “return on avoiding pain.” If a company is keeping an eye on the blogosphere, the likelihood for dissemination of misinformation can be drastically reduced, or if nothing else, addressed immediately.

I also wonder if social media is an appropriate crisis management tool in any and all circumstances. Do you think the severity of an issue determines whether social media is an appropriate tool to address and remedy the problem?