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November 3, 2010

Millennials, Weddings, and Personal Style

While I wouldn’t consider myself the girl who’s dreamt about her wedding since the ripe age of 5, now well into my twenties, it’s something I’ve had to start allowing to stir around my mind from time to time. Plus, given my interest in wedding and event planning, in tandem with my love of all things design and organization, it’s pretty natural for me to be interested in all things wedding related. Just today I stumbled upon a recent article examining my generation and weddings.

Just a bookkeeping detail before I delve in:

  • Generation Y consists of the roughly 50 million of us, myself included, currently spanning the ages of 18 to 29.

Research suggests that nearly 61 percent of surveyed Millennials indicate they think our generation has a unique and distinctive personality (PewSocialTrends). Incidentally, in yesterday’s New York Times, Elizabeth Olson published an article discussing the changing face of wedding style among the Millennial generation. Hm, I wondered, just how prevalent is marriage among my fellow twenty-somethings?

Pew Research Center found that Millennials are “markedly less likely to be married or to have children than earlier generations were at comparable ages” in the last two decades. In fact, just one-in-five Millennials (21 percent) is currently married. Pew further found that this generation values marriage above careers and financial success. Incidentally, the millennials will account for more than 60 percent of all weddings by 2012, according to census figures. While I cannot account for the lack of correlation between these two findings, I do find them intriguing at very least. Perhaps we simply value marriage more, thus we proceed with caution.

Photo Credit: Annalea Hart, Flickr

One fact remains evident: there has been a shift in wedding preferences among my fellow Millennials. In her article, Olson proposed (ha, get it? Weddings….proposal….okay, I’m done) “instead of traditional must-haves like engraved invitations or sit-down dinners, the millennials — people generally in their 20s — seek touches that showcase their interests and personal style.”

Brands are recognizing this increase in generational ego, and catering their messaging to appeal to this me, me, me mentality. Companies are now abandoning their nationwide advertising approaches, instead linking up with independent jewelry stores “with a campaign intended to raise the stores’ profiles in their local markets — where most couples still buy rings.” (NY Times)

Olson offered “one traditional item people are still buying, but adding their own twist to, is the engagement ring, which cost an average of $5,847 last year, according to a study by and the One third of such rings are customized or personalized.”

What do you think: Are you a twenty-something knocking on marriage’s doorstep? What’s your style?


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