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February 10, 2011

The Future is Bright, Invest in Sunglasses

The past two weeks were an opportunity for me to leave town (and spend time with the now eight-month old, two-toothed wonder named Paisley, as seen below), recharge my batteries (sometimes in the form of retail therapy), bask in the glory of successfully completing my graduate studies (and by bask I mean sleep late), and gear up for the next chapter in my life. As I embark upon the newest phase of my life, the life of a post-graduate career woman, I’m reminded that the most important role I will ever truly play in life is that of my own biggest cheerleader.

Photo Credit: Erinjaneshop, Etsy


Paisley opted for a stylish pair of heart-framed shades.

As a self-proclaimed creature of habit, I must admit that my current career pursuit has required me to embrace the unknown. I’ve adopted the notion that opportunity is always to be sought and celebrated, hard work will never be outdated or overlooked, and a good, enthusiastic and sincere attitude should and will be a daily fixture in my life.

For those in need of a pep talk, I challenge you to look inward and invest in a good pair of sunglasses. Good things are ahead!

February 1, 2011

I Have Yet to Fill These Frames

In an effort to account for my extended leave from blogging, let me simply rely on this post’s title. My life is anything but predictable right now, and so metaphorically speaking, if we’re to look at my life at this very moment as a beautiful picture, I have yet to fill the frame. I’m still devoting a majority of my attention and effort into the job search, but am taking full advantage of the down time I’ve been awarded.

For now, I’m surrounding myself with things and people that I love. I’ll be spending this week with Paisley, a now nearly eight-month old bundle of fun, completing a series of crafts with my mom and sister, as we are on a mission to finally satisfy our creative demons. The crafting officially starts later this week, but for now, I’m nuzzled safely in the confines of my bed at my parents home, scouring the internet for other design and craft ideas worth noting.

My first discovery of the afternoon, you ask? I just stumbled upon a well-executed series of painted, vintage picture frames. Being an avid crafter and design nut, I’ve obviously seen frames utilized solely as decor, but something about the hues and texture of the frames below catch my eye.

Photo Credit: Amye123, Etsy

Photo Credit: Amye123, Etsy

Photo Credit: Amye123, Etsy

A collection of painted vintage frames creates an impactful focal point in a room, as seen below.

As cliche as it may seem, life is about the journey. Half of my journey right now is filling the frames, but in the mean time, I’m fine admiring them for what they represent: opportunity and options!

January 4, 2011

Back in Action!

Okay, I’m terrible. I knowingly disappeared, for two weeks, without blogging. I hadn’t originally intended to neglect my blog for the two-week Christmas break, but my time was spent cooing over my precious Paisley and Hayley.

Needless to say, I’m back in action now!

December 21, 2010

Time Flies, Get a New Calendar

Along with new opportunities, resolutions and goals— we’ll call these traditional perks— a new year brings new calendars and planners, one of my biggest guilty pleasures.

For those looking to stray from your traditional, boring, black and white desktop calendar and personal planner, Etsy— an online marketplace to buy and sell handmade or vintage items, art and supplies— offers an array of unique and often one-of-a-kind items to start your new year off planned and organized.

Prices vary, depending on the seller. Another option for buyers are calendars that are formatted as downloadable PDF files, allowing buyers to simply pay online, then download their files to expedite shipping and handling.

Personally, I’m not willing to sacrifice my style to remain organized, so I opt for a more eclectic, quirky taste for all things organization and planning.

Etsy Seller: JPressDesigns

Etsy Seller: redstarINK

Etsy Seller: LittlePaperDog

Etsy Seller: LetterHappy

What Do You Think: Would you be more likely to remain planned and organized using items that more closely reflected your style?

December 13, 2010

A Very Paisley Christmas

For those who haven’t already gathered, this will be my family’s first Christmas with our newest addition, my niece Paisley Bryn. Born on June 2, 2010, the now 6+ month old beauty has already participated in a longstanding family tradition: the creation (and almost imminent destruction) of the annual gingerbread house.

I realize this tradition is anything but unique, but, for kids who frequently relocated, establishing and continuing family traditions added an element of stability to our lives.

This year, while I wasn’t around for this photo shoot, my mom, sister and I were all able to collaboratively work on the construction and decoration of the lovely house you see below. Unfortunately, our brother didn’t get to participate, though the family agreed his participation would have yielded far more success in terms of soundness of construction (my poor mom struggled for hours to get the walls to stand). As we decorated the house, my sister and I laughed at just how little our personalities had changed over the years, me with my token “gunking” (what can I say, I have a heavy hand with decorating!), versus my sister with her obvious-artistic approach (she’s an artist, of course her work is more…refined. Ha!) For record keeping purposes, we decided my brother would have likely created some elaborate and painstaking masterpiece.

Halfway through the process, we realized that Paisley was napping, thereby missing the entire experience. We figured, though, that being it’s her first Christmas, chances of any recollection are slim to none. However, the pictures sure will last a lifetime.

My advice to any and all of you readers? Build and decorate a gingerbread house of your own, even if you never have in the past, or haven’t since childhood. It’s a nice reminder of memories that may have escaped you. Time plays tricks on us, but seeing the face of little ones like our Paisley should serve as a reminder not to forget moments that shaped us.

For good measure and to brag on our baby, I thought I’d include two more pictures of Little Miss, the first with her dog, Hayley, and the second with her favorite aunt Brittany.