I Have Yet to Fill These Frames

In an effort to account for my extended leave from blogging, let me simply rely on this post’s title. My life is anything but predictable right now, and so metaphorically speaking, if we’re to look at my life at this very moment as a beautiful picture, I have yet to fill the frame. I’m still devoting a majority of my attention and effort into the job search, but am taking full advantage of the down time I’ve been awarded.

For now, I’m surrounding myself with things and people that I love. I’ll be spending this week with Paisley, a now nearly eight-month old bundle of fun, completing a series of crafts with my mom and sister, as we are on a mission to finally satisfy our creative demons. The crafting officially starts later this week, but for now, I’m nuzzled safely in the confines of my bed at my parents home, scouring the internet for other design and craft ideas worth noting.

My first discovery of the afternoon, you ask? I just stumbled upon a well-executed series of painted, vintage picture frames. Being an avid crafter and design nut, I’ve obviously seen frames utilized solely as decor, but something about the hues and texture of the frames below catch my eye.

Photo Credit: Amye123, Etsy

Photo Credit: Amye123, Etsy

Photo Credit: Amye123, Etsy

A collection of painted vintage frames creates an impactful focal point in a room, as seen below.

As cliche as it may seem, life is about the journey. Half of my journey right now is filling the frames, but in the mean time, I’m fine admiring them for what they represent: opportunity and options!


3 Comments to “I Have Yet to Fill These Frames”

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