I am awesome, seriously.

I have an interview tomorrow for my first post-graduate position, so I’ve spent the evening preparing for the big day in the following ways:

1. Speaking to every member of my immediate family, each of whom offered their own unique advice:

Mom: “Get there before traffic picks up downtown and oh, don’t wear too much eye liner.”

Dad (with 25+ years experience in Human Resources): “Be confident, succinct, and above all be yourself.”

Sister: “Don’t wear your hair the way I hate it.”

Brother: “I’m sure it’ll be fine, I’m proud of you.”

2. Doing some research on the organization (for the second time) as a refresher on what I need to know.

3. Fresh manicure and an hour-long wardrobe prep session with my Joy Mangano steamer, getting my clothes nice and crispy.

4. Trying to find an appropriate/cute “I am awesome” graphic for this specific blog post.

5. Spent some alone time self-affirming myself. (I.E.: “No, I AM awesome! Totally awesome! GO ME!”)

All that’s left is a little late-night snack and then a good night’s sleep.

Photo Credit: Shpigford, Flickr


3 Comments to “I am awesome, seriously.”

  1. You forgot to mention the most affirming of all mantras: I share the same maternal DNA with my Aunt Jeanne, who defined awesome in the last generation of our family. And she’s very unassuming, too.

  2. Request:: could you write something about your family’s tradition of making a gingerbread house every Christmas, and now passing that tradition on to Paisley? I tried to establish the same tradition with my family, but I failed miserable, One year I even hot glued graham crackers onto a square, waxed milk carton, but that didn’t work either, But it began the downturn in the (gingerbread) housing market. (sigh)

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